To Install With Command-line

Download Klusturnetes-cli by Running the below command.

curl -sL | TAG=v0.0.25 bash
# Install using PowerShell
wget -OutFile knts.exe
Start-Process -Wait -FilePath "knts.exe" -ArgumentList "/S" -PassThru
Set-Alias -Name knts -Value .\knts  #This command only works on the present terminal. If you want it to be permeanent place the binary in path folder

To Install manually


  • Download from here
  • Add knts to the path


  • Download from here
  • Add knts to the path -
sudo mv knts-linux-amd64 /usr/local/bin/knts

To Verify Installation

once downloaded the Klusternetes-cli run help command for testing and can get KNTS commands for various functions like create, get and delete clusters

knts --help

output :

Usage:   knts 
  Version: 0.1.0


    To query / add / delete clusters in KNTS


    -h, --help     - Show this help.                            
    -V, --version  - Show the version number for this program.  


    auth    -                                             
    create  - To create a new KNTS cluster                
    delete  - To delete an existing KNTS cluster          
    get     - To get the existing KNTS cluster information